Monday, February 20, 2006

Another injury update

Today I added a new and exciting injury to my lineup. I was pulling on a wrench with a pipe when, lo and behold, the pipe slipped off the wrench and summarily whacked my own self right in the left cheekbone. I hit myself hard enough to bust the skin open, and thats harder than a boxer getting punched usually. I've been a bit nauseated and my head is straight banging. The spousal unit (registered nurse type) said I most likely have a concussion. Yay me. On top of which I scraped my arm up when I fell, and I've repeatedly busted my thumb back open. Added to which, I think I'm getting the flu. or maybe its the concussion. Anyway, I havent had ANY time to be online recently, so this is the best I can do. I'll have pics up of the 4wheeler and the changes to the harley soon. Peace...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Work Week + 2

I've just finished my work week at my normal job and I'm staring right at the spectre of two days on my part time job. The good news is, I love the ride and the views and I could use some time off by myself to relax. Its also pretty cool meeting the new people I run into on the routes. There werent any more major injuries this week, and the cut thumb is healing nicely without stitches. I havent been sleeping well this week, so maybe working all this extra will tire me out. I know I probably wont get to ride the 4wheeler on sunday because the weather looks crappy, but I rode a little bit today and I put a few miles on the Harley too. Today was nice and cool but not cold and super sunny; beautiful weather for cruising by yourself on your bike. The only thing better would be cruising with your best girl on your bike. Anyway, I'm outta here for now. Peace.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Injury Report

You know, this could become a weekly article. I mean damn, I'm always hurting something. To add serious insult to injury, I stabbed myself in the broken thumb with a paint scraper today. Most people wont know this, but paint scrapers are dull when you buy them. However, smart people like me know you can get under more stuff with a finer edge, so we sharpen them up really nicely. Cut to; the cut! I put a nice inch and a half long gash in my thumb thats fairly deep. You know when the tendons look like gnarled up meat youve cut pretty deep. I've yet to go get stitches, which would be kinda stupid at this point. I do think I'm going to ride down for a little visit to see the spouse and get a tetnus shot. All of this after working in the sewer for the best part of two days. No telling what yummy little critters could be swimming around in my bloodstream. Dont start the death watch yet though, I have the utmost scientific faith in my immune system. Peace out peeps.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

First Day On The New Job

Saturday was the first day running film for Fuji. I gotta say its easy money and the ride is pretty damn pleasant except for base traffic in Jacksonville NC. I should have expected that being ex-Navy, and it being the weekend, AND everybody getting home/shopping with their tax check! Oh well, it was still nice. Some things just werent the same though. I've also been furiously searching for stuff for my four wheeler. I've found some extended A-arms that I really really want, but I've talked myself out of them because they arent easily reversible like turning the wheels around. Extending the A-arms protects the brake system though. Its a tough call. Other than that, I got my number plate although it isnt installed. The snow and rain have kept me from doing that, but my man Clint at Twin Counties has my bumper on order and I'll pick it up friday. Speaking of the snow and rain, I was at my sisters house for the Daytona races last night and damn if they didnt get rained out too. I'm just now getting home at ohhh zero nine hundred Sunday. If any of ya'll are in the path of this snow and ice, be careful. I'm outta here..Peace!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hump Day I havent exactly posted alot like I thought I would, I'm trying to at least keep things current. This week has been.....rough? I am adjusting to being back at work and by the time I get home and do all the things I want to get done, where does the time go?? I dont have time to chat or blog, which sucks, I dont have any time for special friends, which REALLY sucks. Oh well, it seems like things might settle back down a little bit, although next week my boss is on vacation, going to Vegas to get married! Bless his heart (inside joke). At any rate, this week is almost over, sort of. Tomorrow is my last day of work this week for Creative Playthings, but I'll be doing the film delivery thing Saturday. EZ-money. Oh, and by the way...I really cant stand Duke..*LOL*..Later peeps, I'm out.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weekend Update

Lets see, where to begin? Saturday, despite something akin to monsoon conditions, we got out and rode the four wheelers at the track. I'll say this, it was good experience riding in extremely slick clay. Maybe that will come in handy come race season. A 14 year old boy was out there on the same model I have and he had done some pretty trick little things to his. Watching him ride I decided it wouldnt hurt a thing to reverse the back spacing on my front wheels to give myself a wider more stable track. I'll give an update as soon as I know how well this change works. Saturday evening, we all went to Thee Doll House in Raleigh. TDH is a premier "Gentlemans Club" that I happen to be a member of. It was a party for my brother in laws birthday, and it just so happened that another guy that came with us was having his birthday saturday too. Nine of us went including three couples and a good time was had by all. The birthday boys got on stage and were entertained by a bevy of dancers and there was a high level of inebriation all around. Except for me that is, and another guy, who is also a military vet coinincidentally. We were the designated drivers and still had a blast. I forgot to mention that on friday we rode the harleys. It was a magnificent day and I was riding without a coat and wearing my I Love Strippers t-shirt. That one got me alot of honks and waves from people going by, including a high number of women. Sunday we went and washed and detailed up the fourwheelers after everyone had a chance to recover from saturday night and I went to my sisters for a small super bowl gathering. I left at halftime because I do have to get up for work tomorrow. I'm dreading it, but looking forward to it as well. Next saturday is my first day on my new side job and I really cant wait, because of the money, and because its a great little drive right through my birthplace. Its always nice getting back down to the beach area and I'm already planning a day trip on the Harley one weekend that I'm not working. Other than that, I've been looking at new parts I "need" for my fourwheeler because obviously I couldnt leave it dead stock. I hope everyone else has had a good weekend and I'll let you know how the week is going. Peace out yo!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Time Really Does Fly

I havent posted really since I went out for surgery, so I have to apologise for that. It just seems that since I've had time off of work to do so many different things, I havent sat down good to write anything. I have been going nonstop since the day of the operation, which would sort of explain me being off schedule and run down a little bit. But damn its been fun. I have no idea of what goes in what chronological order, so I'll just ramble as per usual. Last night I did wreck the 4wheeler, again. Nothing bent or broken, but I lost a healthy little patch of skin on my right arm. Oh well, the price you pay for looking for the edge I suppose. One of these days I'll realise I'm 35 not 25. As if that will make any difference. A friend of mine actually said it best, that I hadnt been living for so many years that now that I'm truly living, I have a lot of time I'm trying to make up for. The surgical recovery is going along fine, and not getting into too many details, the plumbing still works. At least as well as it had before minus the pain. There was a 4wheeler, not really wreck, but unplanned get off from a week ago that has me bruised up a bit and has fractured my thumb, but thats old news that I didnt get around to writing. I'm also bummed my beloved Panthers lost to the Seahawks, and I sure couldnt bring myself to write about that before now. I will say this, I havent taken my bipolar or ADD meds this whole time I've been out of work, and I havent needed them. It would seem that when I'm not around people I dont want to be around, I dont experience nearly as many negative symptoms. Interesting eh? The only drawback being, I dont sleep when I should, or as much as I should. I'll write some more today or tomorrow when more things come to mind, but right now I think I've rambled enough. Oh, by the way, it was wonderful hearing from you Denise!!

Peace out peeps!

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